Edited by Fred Armisen, Tim Heidecker, Jonathan Krisel, and John C. Reilly

Mike Massimino
Sir Patrick Stewart
Carolyn Porco
Moon Society
Sasha Sagan
Jill Tarter
Robert Longo
Marina Koren

In their show Moonbase 8, Fred Armisen, Tim Heidecker, and John C. Reilly play fledgling astronauts who dream of one day going to the moon. They ration water, get into petty arguments, and compete with Elon Musk.

In real life, the actors take all this space stuff pretty seriously. So the three of them, along with director and executive producer Jonathan Krisel, got together to interview 8 experts in the cosmos to discover what it’s really like out there, and why we’ll always be fascinated by it. Issue 13: We Come in Peace is now available in the A24 Shop.

Iss20 Music Mcnair Saxophone S84 27211
Ron McNair in February 1984. Image by NASA

Tim Heidecker:
Hey moon heads. We need an intro for our Zine. This thread here will be it. What do you have to say for yourselves. This is not a joke. You need to be serious here for once.

Jonathan Krisel:
Every time I hear zine, I think of a little photocopied, stapled pamphlet at the back of the cool book store.

That's what this is. It will be handed out in front of Walden Books.

John C. Reilly:
Guys. Please.

Hello folks and welcome to our magazine. We had a lot of fun making the show and magazine and look forward to a bright future of many more issues of this magazine. Magazines are hugely popular and growing more so every day. But we don’t have to tell you that! You are holding our first issue in your hands. Please pay for it. Don’t just stand there and snoop out the best bits. The newsstand man is watching you now. I know there are many things in our magazine that will serve you well and this historic first issue is a definite heirloom for your family. We hope to include recipes in the future and lots more advertising! Why not buy two more copies of our magazine? One to keep, one to save unopened, and one to make a cool collage out of? Welcome readers!

- Editor in Chief John C. Reilly

Editor in Chief? WTF?

Please be professional. This is all going in our flagship mag. I call dibs on EIC.

We can work out those details later. Thanks.

Wow. Ok. Welcome to our magazine. Here are many spelling errors by Tim!

Save room for Fred. He’s very wordy.

Fred’s gonna be like "uhhhh, what?"

I can be the Editor at Large.

Fine, but I’ll be Supervising Editor.

Ok, but I wear the Chief hat. Don’t even try to snatch my C hat.

Here’s a letter to the editor:

Sir, you mention in your hello that readers are reading this at a newsstand, but what about those of us who have filled out the reply postcard and actually subscribed? We feel sort of unrepresented in your opening hypothetical. Is there a way to describe a scene where the postman pulls up and there is excitement in the air, etc, etc?

Dear Reader,

Thanks for the input! Our team has received your correspondence and will answer it in the order received. All billing questions are dealt with by our third party collections partner A24. Lots of fun events and competitively priced gifts for you to enjoy soon! Just subscribe to a full year to receive details. All subscriptions are recurring unless stated after first arrival of legal notice.

John C. Reilly - Chief Editor at Large

Letter to the editor:

I received my Moonbase 8 commemorative issue today and I was taken aback by the paper the magazine was printed on. It’s very hearty and satisfying in your hand. I was very impressed. I mostly use a multipurpose inkjet paper made by OfficeDepot. I’m guessing the magazine might be using the premium inkjet paper? The non-premium paper I use jams A LOT. Does the magazine’s paper jam a lot? Please advise what paper you use, thank you. Maybe you can pass this along to your paper department.

I have forwarded your inquiry to our Head of Paper Quality and Jams Coordinator, Fred Armisen. You should receive a prompt reply unless we are dealing with a current Jam.

Fred Armisen:
This is our promise to you: This publication will continue to be in print for many many decades. Our goal is to make this a weekly zine, and if we don’t deliver on that, we’ll make up for it by writing a flurry of issues back to back at some point soon. Most likely at the end of each fiscal year. Save these, for they are guaranteed to be collector’s items for future Moonbase 8 fans and for collectors in general. We also promise to make editions in any language you request. Just let us know. We do not mess around when it comes to printing on paper. We are also very seriously looking for delivery people. If you have a bike and a zine bag, we’d love to bring you on as part of the team. Thank you for making us a part of your everyday life. Please don’t make bootleg copies, as it becomes hard for us to keep track.

Thank you, and see you at your stoop!

- Fred Armisen

OK that’s what I call TMI. Thanks guys.

Rl1734 Saturn
Untitled (Saturn), 2006. Charcoal on mounted paper, 72 x 122 inches, by Robert Longo. Courtesy of the artist and Metro Pictures, New York