As the A24 film catalog has grown, so too has its stable of standout characters suitable for esoteric Halloween costumery. 

To help you find an outfit that sufficiently conveys your indie movie fandom without breaking the bank, we’ve put together an A24-themed costume guide with outfits you can cobble together for less than the price of a movie ticket. With these guidelines and a bit of luck, upwards of two or three like-minded weirdos might figure out who you are over the course of the evening.

01 Halloween Copy

Ghosty from A Ghost Story

Though more moody than spooky, the specter from David Lowery’s afterlife love saga is an easy last-minute costume that can be constructed in just a few minutes. While costume designing for the film itself was a bit more nuanced than throwing a bed sheet over the actor, you needn’t worry yourself with all that extra fuss.

Simply throw a large white top sheet over yourself so that it adequately covers your entire body, including hands. If you don’t have an old one ready to be destroyed, Goodwill is teeming with them. Next, have a helper mark where your eyes are with a black marker. Take the sheet off and either fill in the rest of the eye shape with the marker, making sure to keep the droopy, sad oval shape. Then cut thin slits in the black from which to see through. Those wishing to go the extra step can, instead, just cut out those ovals and sew or glue black chiffon or anther sheer fabric to the backside of the holes. You’re all done and ready to enjoy an evening of telling people “actually, I’m the ghost from A Ghost Story.”

06 Halloween

Thomasin from The Witch

Flaxen-haired gals (and guys, too, I suppose) looking to dress all witchy without donning pointy hats and warty nose prosthetics might, instead, borrow from the 2016 film folk-tale and go as Thomasin, the wholesome homesteader beleaguered by Satan, himself.

Dig out a circa 2014 peasant top from the back of your or a friend’s closet and get to work on a ream of beige felt and/or burlap, cutting and shaping a bulky cloak and apron to cover your shameful body. Put all the articles of clothing in a trash bag with some flour and dirt and shake it around to get that field-tending grit on it. Once dressed, tease up your hair and dapple some fake blood on your front and face to complete the look and you’re all set for damnation.

Short on time or wanting to take the outfit in a “sexy” direction? Just go naked as Thomasin following her seduction by Black Phillip. We’ll leave it to you to adequately cover naughty bits in accordance with the laws of your region. Don’t forget the blood splatter is required for this approach, as well.

04 Halloween

Naughty Resort Guest from The Lobster

For a costume with a bit of a challenge baked in, Yorgos Lanthimos’ confounding, metaphor-laden love story has a couple of options that will make you the hit of any hip party.

You’ve likely got most of the articles of clothing already in your closet to dress as a guest of The Lobster’s resort where men and women are required to find mates within 45 days, lest they be transmogrified into an animal of their choosing. If you can’t find the requisite light blue oxford button-down and dark trousers on hand, I guarantee they’re floating around your local thrift shop.

Now, to signify you’re from The Lobster and not just some Casual Friday schlub, you’re gonna need to incapacitate your non-dominant hand by either handcuffing it behind your back or keeping it stuffed in a toaster.  Should you go the cuff route, be sure to give the key to someone who isn’t going to lose it.

02 Halloween

Dye Pack Robbers from Good Time

Looks like those Nikas brothers have gotten themselves into another pickle. And, with nothing but some old clothes and a bunch of neon dust, so can you! A great costume option for couples or buddies looking to go as a pair, the ink dye explosion from Good Time look is both eye-grabbing and guaranteed to start some conversations as you ruin clothing and furniture throughout the night.

Black or blue hoodie, dark denim, and a red windbreaker if you’re feeling fancy. That’s the base layer here, easily sourced from the back of the closet, your neighborhood thrift, of any lost and found pile. Next, take some of that pink powder they dump of 5K runners and, once in a spacious outdoor space you’re cool with messing up, have it dumped it on your head and hands. Make sure to splash the stuff all over yourself and share the bag if partnering up. 

When the literal dust settles, you’re all ready to go annoy some party hosts and infuriate some ride-share drivers.

03 Halloween

Robbery Gal and Alien from Spring Breakers

The most instantly recognizable entry of this list, the Floridian crime clique of Spring Breakers offers yet another batch of costumes easily assembled from stuff you already own. To go as one of the heist honeys, pair any old bikini and pair of sneakers—chunky skate shoes preferred, but your Stan Smiths will do in a pinch—with a pink balaclava you’ll (presumably) have to buy.

If a white trash rapper costume is more your style, don a Hawaiian shirt (don’t button that bad boy up), some obnoxious shield sunglasses, and some synthetic hair braids bought from your local wiggery, before completing the look with some bad tattoos doodled on with permanent marker. And, if you can stand the discomfort, why not make yourself a tinfoil grill to chew on over the course of the night?

05 Halloween

Tommy Wiseau from The Disaster Artist

While no costume could adequately convey the paradoxical, mysterious, or uproarious essence of the greatest auteur to ever walk the Earth, with just a few simple steps, guys and gals with long, dark tresses can put forth a commendable attempt to capture Tommy Wiseau’s je ne sais quoi.

A borrowed punk or bondage-y belt and a too-large suit jacket or vest (and cargo pants, if you can scare some down) will form the foundation of this look, but his trademark wrap-around shades will be what really sets it off. If there’s a highly skilled makeup artist in your midst, perhaps they can take a crack at capturing Wiseau’s uniquely angular visage with some varsity-level contouring.

Once you've got the look locked down, all that’s left to do is work on that patented Wiseau “New Orleans” accent.