Edited by Lee Isaac Chung and Steven Yeun

Yongman and Silver Kim
Eva Sam
Mira Nakashima
Yannick Lowery
Brian Kito
Celena Gill
Eddie Lee
Alana Erickson
Maya Kazan
Lena Thao
Judith and Ben Lowry

Guest-edited by Minari filmmaker Lee Isaac Chung and star Steven Yeun, 11 stories of hope, heartache, regrets and good fortune—and the relationships and humans beings at the heart of every family business. Issue 15: Family Business is now available in the A24 Shop.

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Image c/o the Kim Family

Business is in the blood of the Yeun and Chung families, though the gene seems to have skipped us. Our families are prone to starting businesses because they don't like working for other people—that gene didn't skip us. Our families have owned gas stations, restaurants, dry cleaners, beauty product stores, and herbal medicine stores. They're a scrappy bunch.

As for us, we have a bad sense for how to make money and have no strong ideologies about it one way or another, but we like the stories. Whenever our families talk business, we never remember the details and strategies and tips for how money is made, but we like seeing people's eyes light up as they tell their Moby Dick pursuit, "I once caught a fish this big!"

Here in this zine are some more stories of family businesses. They are stories of relationships and human beings. Any undertaking of this size comes with heartaches, hopes, and regrets; they include takes of greatness and failure and memories of sheer luck. We read these and were struck by the dilemma families face when their business should be laid to rest. We couldn't help but feel that it's not the business but the story that we don't want to ever end.

– Lee Isaac Chung and Steven Yeun

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Image c/o the Thao Family