Brooklynn Prince is 7 years old, 4’1” tall, and clearly living her best life. 

Even when she’s making us cry as Moonee in The Florida Project (or as herself, accepting a Critics’ Choice Award), her radiant joie de vivre is impossible to miss. Maybe that explains how she’s made more new friends in a single awards season than the average adult will make in an entire lifetime.

In the spirit of friendship, we’ve put together an awards season yearbook, of sorts, celebrating all of Brooklynn’s new besties. Annotations are her own.

Brooklynn 01 Tall
Brooklynn 02 Tall

Toronto International Film Festival
September 2017

Helen [Mirren] is so fashionable, I showed her 2 pairs of sunglasses I had in my purse and she chose the best ones, so I wore them.

Elle is a real life Disney Princess, she's very kind. Meeting her was Wowie Wow Wow.

Brookynn 03 180615 121008 Tall
Brooklynn 04 Tall

Governor's Awards
October 2017

Gal Gadot IS Girl Power, the end.

Patti, you see this face? It's perfect for Wonder Woman 2. Just hook it up, girl.

Brooklynn 05 Tall
Brooklynn 06 Tall

A24 Holiday Party
November 2017

Saoirse is like an ice cream sundae on a hot day. I love her.

I wanna be just like Lois Smith. I wanna start acting and never stop.

Brooklynn 07 180615 120928 Med

Sorry my mom blinded you with her flash, Rob. You're the coolest.

Brooklynn 09 180615 120839 Tall
Brooklynn 08 180615 120843 Tall

Good Morning America
November 2017

I think Daisy [Ridley] should have her own holiday. May the force always be with her.

Brooklynn 10 180615 120832 Med

CNN Heroes
December 2017

Kelly Ripa has my nose, she can have it if she wants. Meeting her was magic.

Brooklynn 14 180615 120825 Med

AFI Awards
January 2018

There's pretty much no one in the world cooler than Daniel Kaluuya, or even in the whole galaxy.

Brooklynn 13 180615 120756 Med

W Magazine Best Performances Party
January 2018

Lizzie [Olsen] is sweeter than waffles with extra extraaaa warm syrup.

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Critics' Choice Awards
January 2018

Jake is quite the gentleman, and a great ice cream date!

Angie for President!